Simple Christian Fellowship

The mission of The Church Commons, in a nutshell, is to introduce the people to the churches, the churches to the people, and the churches to each other. CommonGround is a place to accomplish this mission in service to the community. Beginning Ash Wednesday, Simple Christian Fellowship will be a place to do this with prayer, reflection on God's word in Scripture, and Christian community. The goal is not to carve another church out of an already splintered and fragmented body of Christ, but to creat a kind of "portal," a safe place for people to begin the journey. We'll meet Ash Wednesday and then every Friday during Lent, reflecting on the guidance in the seven letters of Revelation concerning holding fast to the good that we are as people and church, and repenting of what is not good.

Until we are able to create a separate website and Facebook page, we'll use The Church Commons, actually parent organization for both programs, to let you know what's going on. Click on the SCF logo for more information about our Lenten and Easter gatherings. Everyone, absolutely everyone, is welcome, whether you are already a part of a church family or not.

All SCF events will also be listed on the CommonGround calendar.

Preach Always - When Necessary Use Words

I was hungry, and you formed a humanities group to discuss my hunger.

I was imprisoned, and you crept off quietly to your chapel and prayed for my release.

I was naked, and in our mind you debated the morality of my appearance.

I was sick,and you knelt and thanked God for your health.

I was homeless,and you preached to me of the spiritual shelter of the love of God.

I was lonely,and you left me alone to pray for me.

You seem so holy, so close to God but I am still very hungry - and lonely - and cold.

Annual Report

A lot has happened since CommonGround started Summer Food Service Program last June. Our FY 2015 Annual Report summarizes services provided, support received, work done and left to be done, and much more. You can view it here. Copies in brochure format are available on request.

the church and THE WORLD

Surveys, the media, our emptying churches all have been telling us that this is no longer a "Christendom" world. Our sister website has more.

Thrivent Choice