Here's what's going on at CommonGround. Click on an event for more details, or to copy it to your calendar. Also check out the info and links below for more.


CommonGround is already host to the Veterans of Modern Warfare, the Finger Lakes Parents Network group in Owego, and the Greater Owego Tent Revival and Reaching Owego for Jesus group. We've been able to provide a usable space for our guests, while still working on the renovations.

But we really need to get the work done. Starting February 10, Simple Christian Fellowship will also be gathering at CommonGround; and on March 15 we are extremely honored to be hosting the Jews for Jesus presentation, "Christ in the Passover." And in June we're planning to turn the children's summer program into a licenses day camp. (See the info and links below for more.)

Starting Friday January 8 and continuing until the work is done, we'll be having workdays every Tuesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and Saturdays as posted. Anyone able to spare some time will be welcome. Please check the calendar (above) to confirm the schedule, or call Robert at 607-972-7054, or email Click on the calendar to get more details on the work for that day.

Simple Christian Fellowship (SCF)

It's a church, but not like any other. Simple Christian Fellowship is a place for anyone and everyone who might not be ready yet to be part of a congregation, but feels that pull to know more about what Christianity could mean for them. SCF seeks not to build a church community, but to invite people in, let them gather in prayer and worship, then to help them find a family among the many wonderful faith communities in the Owego area. SCF will first gather on Ash Wednesday, then each Friday during Lent, culminating with a sunrise gathering on Easter, March 27. After that they plan to meet every Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

After that, they hope that members of other churches will join the gatherings, to get to know the SCF folks, and to invite them to a church home. Check out the calendar for more about the Lenten and Easter gathering.

Christ in the Passover

We're very excited about this. Jews for Jesus (JFJ) is exactly what it sounds like: a Jewish ministry proclaiming the news that Jesus, "Yeshua," is the Messiah for whom the Jews have searched for so long. On March 15, JFJ missionary Susan Mendelson will re-create the Passover service and expain how it foreshadows Jesus' death and resurrection. Space will be limited so reservations will be necessary. We will begin taking reservations on Ash Wednesday, February 10. More information will be posted later, and passed along through Facebook. Click on the following links for poster and the press release.

Summer Day Camp

For the last 2 years CommonGround has hosted a summer program of breakfasts, lunches, activities and presentations. Many families aren't able to bring their children and stay with them because of work schedules and other commitments. This year we will be working to become licensed as a day camp, allowing parents and guardians to drop off the kids and pick them up at the end of the day. There are many things that have to be put in place first; we;ll keep you posted.